State Inspections


We are a state licensed Private Inspection Facility. This means we are certified to preform the state emissions and safety inspections on all vehicles. It was once required that all vehicles undergo both the safety and emissions inspections, but now only commercial vehicles are required to pass a safety inspection.

What happens if I fail?

You probably should have done more studying, but it’s ok because we can help you out. The minimum requirements of the law is that repairs must be APPROVED by a licensed emissions repair technician. Meaning it is lawful for anyone to repair the car as long as a licensed technician approves that it was done correctly. The clear advantage of allowing us to complete the repairs is that we have the certified technicians and why on earth would you bring it to someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing?

Failure can occur for any number of reasons and it takes a well trained technician to identify and fix the problem. We are here to answer any of your questions or concerns and can be reached by phone, through our smart phone app, or through our contact form. You can also Click Here to get to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle website.

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